Welcome to Investinero

A new crowd-funding platform from Northern Europe to be launched in Q3 of 2022.

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Platform features

  • Diversified risk channels

    Back new start-ups, real estate projects or join to restructure debt packages, there are offers for various risk appetites.
  • Interaction

    Investinero encourages interaction between the parties: collaboration in new projects, mentoring opportunities and even entrepreneurial support.
  • Local and global

    International team of experts has the resources to evaluate local, regional and global projects and ideas.

  • Backing options

    fixed-interest loan backing, profit-sharing (equity backing), support against future reward (product or service) or contribution for social projects.
  • Flexible structuring

    The funding options have flexible structuring, depending on the project and the offering: debt-based, equity-based or contribution (for social causes).
  • Funding channels

    Various funding options:
    - cards
    - bank transfer
    - PayPal.


Anyone seriously considering participating in crowdfunding must understand the risks. It is not an investment plan. Your funds are not protected by any compensation schemes or state guarantees other than the ones stated in the agreement which you enter with the funding counterparty. Historical profitability does not imply future profits and no business or project is immune to failures. You can lose your contribution and potential incomes.