About Us

Investinero platform has been created by a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, seasoned by years of experience in various sectors of business.

Our team has specialists with backgrounds in finance, commercial law, business development, commercialisation, fintech and electronic payments, real estate, compliance, media and information technology.

We have had projects and customers from various business environments and cultural backgrounds: the Baltics, Northern Europe and the United Kingdom.

It will be a pleasure to share our combined experience and dedication to disrupt the standard paths to achieving success for our clients.

At present, Investinero structure consists of the following departments:
– finance
– client onboarding / administration
– risk, compliance and AML
– analytics and project appraisals
– legal.

We are open to collaborations with prospective mentors and business angels who could share the experience, transfer the knowledge and educate our clients in areas of entrepreneurship.

As the project grows, watch this space for special announcements for vacant positions.